These values describe how we interact with each other, our customers, our service providers, regulators, and society at large. Our principles set the standard we use to define our strategy and make business decisions. Our values and principles form our character, they define who we are and how we do business.

Each employee is expected to bring these values and principles to life through their day-to-day actions and to make a commitment to put these values at the heart of how they behave amongst each other and with the wider community.

We are inspired by the understanding that our willingness to do the right thing, to not compromise our ethical standards and integrity on which the company was built is the guiding principle that underpins our values and principles.

Trust means we want to live and work in a culture where communications are open, where people are free to share their points of view without fear of reprimand. Trust people to do the right thing, and help them to understand your underlying reasoning and philosophy, they won’t disappoint you.

Respect helps us to value differences, to appreciate each person for her or his unique qualities. Through respect, we help bring out the full potential of each person. Respect people as you would expected to be respected by others.

Belief is the cornerstone of empowering associates to assume responsibilities and be the very best they can be. Believe in someone, be sure to show it, and that person will move mountains to prove you are right.

Humility simply means we’re not always right. We do not have all the answers, and we have no fear of acknowledging that. We are no less human than the people who work for us, or with us, and we’re not afraid to ask for help.

Integrity should be the hallmark of every employee. In setting and observing the highest ethical standards and doing the right thing, we fulfill a duty of care, not only to our customers, but also to our colleagues and to ourselves.