Vellest is an Internet-based company. We are everywhere.

What Makes us Different?

See, Vellest is not just a media company, we like to think of ourselves in terms of an idea whose time has come, and we want that idea to spread around the world. We believe that everything is possible when people come together around to work towards a greater goal.

We understand that people is at the center of everything we do, and we value our people for it. We don’t care about office politics, we only care about doing things that matter and doing things well done. We support each other to make that happen.

We are a nimble team, but we think big because that makes work always more fun.

How do We work?

Vellest is a 100% remote team and we like it that way.

We build our company to be distributed because we don’t want you spending hours commuting every day. You should be doing something more important with your free time, like watching an episode of Friends while eating chocolate ice cream. We don’t mind if you prefer a different flavor, but Friends is too good to miss.

We believe that people should be responsible for doing their work with minimal supervision. At Vellest, we work with individual goals and targets, and you will be responsible for making sure the job gets done, and it gets done well. We are not going to micro-manage you, so we trust you will make the right choices.

Growing is very important to us, but we want to grow slowly and with sustainability.

What do You Need to Work with Us?

That’s is a great question, and we’re glad you are thinking about it.

Whatever your thing is, you just have to be pretty good at it and be a good decent human being. That last part will significantly raise your chances to get noticed.

Honestly? If you think this is the place you want to work, get in touch.